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Better Breakups & Quality Dating with Natalia Juarez

November 10, 2018

Whatever your relationship status is, listen to this episode!

Meet Natalia Juarez, best known as “The Breakup Coach” and dating strategist who says LESS CAN BE WAY MORE when it comes to navigating breakups and attracting quality dates. 

Natalia joins Lauren and Kelly to talk about dating strategies, how to attract quality dates, breakups and exits plans, breakup recovery tips, and even ideas on how to get exes back.

Natalia is the founder of Lovistics, an organization dedicated to helping men and women navigate their breakups or complicated romantic situations and find healthy real love.

After going through a broken engagement in 2010, Natalia became obsessed with healing her own broken heart and learning to date in a healthy way. 

Natalia’s work has been covered in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, the Guardian, Vice magazine, NPR, and others. Natalia has a degree in Gender Studies and Education and is a certified Holistic Coach, Dating Coach and Yoga Instructor.


Connect with Natalia

Instagram: @thebreakupcoach

Twitter: @lovistics

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