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Quickie: Fulfillment Through Minimalism

Quickie: Fulfillment Through Minimalism

October 26, 2020

In this quickie episode, Kelly shares a journal article she wrote for Minimalism.Life – an online resource led by The Minimalists to inspire you to live more with less.

This writing is titled, Fulfillment Through Minimalism: How a minimalist lifestyle is helping me achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Be inspired to design a more purposeful every day.


Get Organized with The Home Edit

Get Organized with The Home Edit

October 19, 2020

Kelly and Lauren review the popular Netflix series “Get Organized with The Home Edit!”

Whether you have watched the series or not, Kelly and Lauren share the dos and don’ts of tidying up and tips to help you keep organized.

Be inspired to ask yourself the important questions that will help you keep your spaces in order for the long-term.


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Get Organized with The Home Edit Preview

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Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle

Maintain a Minimalist Lifestyle

October 5, 2020

Kelly and Lauren share an update on their minimalist lifestyles and inspire you to carry out daily mindful practices to help you maintain a simple and intentional life.

They stress the importance of organizing your life by priority and integrating non-negotiable activities into your schedule to keep on track.

Plus, through the lens of the late author, Wayne Dyer, known as "the father of motivation," Kelly and Lauren emphasize the power of a growth mindset to help you manage mental clutter and manifest the life you want. 


Wayne Dyer on Oprah's Super Soul Conversations

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Quickie: Millennial Minimalists Podcast Updates

Quickie: Millennial Minimalists Podcast Updates

August 31, 2020

This month marks the 2-year anniversary of the Millennial Minimalist’s podcast and Kelly and Lauren share a few announcements!

First, Kelly and Lauren announce that they are taking a break from the podcast for the next few weeks, but they will be back with new episodes in the Fall! They will continue to run their simple living consultation sessions and be active on Instagram and Facebook.

Secondly, Kelly and Lauren are seeking your feedback! They have put together a 5-minute questionnaire to better understand your minimalist lifestyle goals and further grow the podcast (see the link below)! By completing this survey, you will be entered to win a consulting session with Kelly and Lauren!

In the meantime, go back in time with the Millennial Minimalists and check out previous episodes! With over 80 episodes of helpful content, scroll back and enjoy! See the top 5 below!

MM Podcast Questionnaire

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Top 5 Episodes to Date: 

Build a Conscious Closet
Let's Talk About Burnout with Hamza Khan
Declutter & Simplify Your Life
The Bullet Journal Method with Mac Whale

Minimalist Productivity Habits

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

August 17, 2020

Kelly and Lauren answer your questions about minimalism! Thanks to your submissions on Instagram and Facebook (@millennialminimalists) they discuss everything from how to declutter your clothes, to how simply your finances, to how to adopt simple living habits at work, and much more!

Kelly and Lauren also answer your questions about their minimalist lifestyles! They share their minimalist lifestyle wins and lessons and some of the new experiences they have each created space for.

Be inspired to simplify your life and reap the great rewards that come with living with less!
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Let’s Grow Through Minimalism

Let’s Grow Through Minimalism

August 3, 2020

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Inspired by the growing minimalism movement, Kelly and Lauren share their reflections on 2020 so far including the lifestyle improvements they have made and the lessons they have gained.

Drawing from their personal experiences, they offer helpful simple living advice when it comes to managing physical and mental clutter. Plus, they review and share inspiring ideas from some of their favorite reads over the past few months. Be inspired to remove the non-essential from your life and BE MORE WITH LESS!

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Books Discussed:
Essentialism by Greg McKeown
Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews
Life is in the Transitions by Bruce Feiler
Atomic Habits by James Clear
Fear of Missing Out by Patrick J. McGinnis

Tidy the KonMari Way with Lisa Tselebidis

Tidy the KonMari Way with Lisa Tselebidis

July 17, 2020

If you find yourself constantly picking through piles of clutter or spending too much time cleaning up and organizing, this conversation is for you! Kelly connects with recognized KonMari consultant and fellow minimalist, Lisa Tselebidis, to help you to design a simpler, more organized home.    

Lisa helps people tidy their homes using the KonMari Method, which is a system of simplifying your home that was created by famed minimalist consultant and author, Marie Kondo. 

Lisa explains this method and shares the six KonMari principles that can help you build positive organizational habits for the long-term. Be inspired to go from overwhelmed to organized and thriving! 

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Misconceptions About Minimalism

Misconceptions About Minimalism

July 3, 2020

Kelly and Lauren break down some of the most common misconceptions about living a minimalist lifestyle. 

They critique 10 main misunderstandings and run through the truths, including all of the powerful life-changing benefits that come with living with less. 

Be inspired to see minimalism as a lifestyle that enables you to identify what's essential and pursue the things in life that bring you the greatest joy.

Past Episode Recommendation: Minimalism & Misconceptions

Dating, Relationships, and Breakups with Natalia Juarez

Dating, Relationships, and Breakups with Natalia Juarez

June 19, 2020

Whether you are single, in a relationship, married, navigating a breakup, or going through heartbreak, this conversation is for you!

For the second time, Lauren and Kelly are joined by famed Dating Strategist and Breakup Coach, Natalia Juarez to talk all about dating, relationships, and breakups!

Together they discuss 1) dating strategies including how to attract quality connections, 2) relationship strategies including how to strengthen your communication by understanding your attachment style, and 3) breakup strategies including how to break up mindfully and tips on how to recover from heartbreak.

Natalia's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Guardian, Vice magazine, The Globe and Mail, NPR, and more. Natalia has a degree in Gender Studies and Education and is a certified Dating Coach, Holistic Coach, and Yoga Instructor.



Untangled, A Breakup Recovery Guide

“Better Breakups & Quality Dating with Natalia Juarez”

Minimalism for Families with Diane Boden

Minimalism for Families with Diane Boden

June 8, 2020

Learn how to embrace a minimalist lifestyle with a family! Kelly connects with Diane Boden, the host of the Minimalist Moms Podcast and wife and mom to 3! Diane discusses her minimalism journey and shares simple living strategies for moms and dads today. Diane argues that the best way to influence your partner and/or child is to lead by example, and she shares advice on how to instill these practices into a family network. Be inspired to understand minimalism as a lifestyle that is achievable and beneficial for everyone!

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