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Achieve Amazing Productivity with Josh Davis

Achieve Amazing Productivity with Josh Davis

July 22, 2019

Lauren speaks with American author Josh Davis about his international bestseller titled, Two Awesome Hours: Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life and work demands, Josh argues that the answer is creating the conditions for two awesome hours of peak productivity every day.

He shares simple steps to help you maximize your daily performance and avoid the risk of working on autopilot. The key framework is as follows:

1) identify your most important work, 2) decide on the best time of day to do deep work (which may vary each day), and 3) create mindful conditions (i.e. physically and mentally) to help you be at the top of your game.   

To close, you will learn the surprising cognitive and performance benefits of letting your mind wander.

Two Awesome Hours

Live Intentionally with Colin Wright

Live Intentionally with Colin Wright

July 9, 2019

Kelly and Lauren speak with fellow millennial and minimalism pioneer Colin Wright. Colin shares his lifestyle journey and offers tips on how to design a more purposeful every day. 

Colin is the man behind the popular blog Exile Lifestyle, a celebrated author of over 30 books, the host of the “Lets Know Things” podcast, the co-founder of Asymmetrical Press (with Joshua Fields Millburn), and an international speaker.

Kelly and Lauren were lucky to connect with Colin just days after he finished his 10-month speaking tour across North America, called the Becoming Tour, where he spoke about how to “live with purpose, on purpose.”

Colin’s Website

Exile Lifestyle Blog

Let’s Know Things Podcast

Asymmetrical Press

Becoming Tour

Minimalism & Vulnerability

Minimalism & Vulnerability

June 24, 2019

Learn how minimalism can encourage us to remove the masks we often wear in life. Those parts of ourselves that we try to cover up or ignore out of shame or fear. Sometimes we use stuff to hide, to project hyper versions of ourselves or to avoid feeling vulnerable.

Kelly and Lauren believe that as we declutter our lives, we become more aware of our physical and mental spaces and we have the opportunity to reflect on who we are and our desires. And through this process of self-introspection, we can then design a lifestyle that is aligned with our authentic selves.

Minimalism essentially challenges us to ask ourselves questions around what we truly need in life so that we can make smart decisions that shape a more focused and purposeful every day.

Links Removing the mask – self-alignment. Being Honest with Ourselves & Removing our Masks

Brene Brown “The Power of Vulnerability” (TedxHouston)

Colin Wright “No Need” (Blog Post: May 17)


“I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.” - Wayne Dyer

"At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don't care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven't been thinking of us at all." - Anna Landers 

Essay: Tidy Up & Give Back

Essay: Tidy Up & Give Back

June 13, 2019

Kelly reads an essay she wrote titled, Tidy Up: Start Giving Back & Feel Happier Every Day.

Kelly and Lauren took on a challenge to give back every day for 1-week and this piece reflects on their journey and the lessons they learned. 

This episode was inspired by their recent discussion with Jaqueline Way, the Founder and CEO of 365give – a global challenge that empowers people to make room for daily giving. According to Jaqueline, when we give “we receive a helpers high.”

Kelly works to inspire you to start making room for daily giving and closes this piece by sharing simple and actionable ways you can start giving back today!

This article is published on 365Give’s blog here.

50 Simple Ways To Give Back

Jaqueline Way

Focus on Your ONE Thing for Extraordinary Results with Jay Papasan

Focus on Your ONE Thing for Extraordinary Results with Jay Papasan

June 7, 2019

Today we are sharing a conversation with Jay Papasan, the co-author of the book, The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

The ONE Thing proposes that if we focus on the one most important task in any priority, we can cut through the clutter, simplify our workload, achieve better results in less time, and master what matters most.

Be prepared to start thinking about what your one thing is today. Whether for this week, this month, or this year, learn how to give that one thing first position and achieve extraordinary results. 

The ONE Thing has appeared on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USE Today, and Amazon, among hundreds of other national bestseller lists.

The One Thing

Jay Papasan

Reflections on Minimalism

Reflections on Minimalism

May 27, 2019

Kelly and Lauren celebrate their 50th episode by reflecting on their minimalist journeys since starting this podcast in August 2018. You will learn about some of the lifestyle improvements that come from adopting a minimalist lifestyle.

For Kelly, the minimalist adopter, minimalism has helped her design her best life. For Lauren, the natural minimalist, despite always living simply, she has learned to adopt new minimalist values, such as living more sustainably and being more mindful with her time.

Leading into their next 50+ episodes, Kelly and Lauren will continue to share their minimalism lessons in addition to new interviews with both celebrated authors and minimalism thought leaders.

Cheers to helping us reach the big 5-0!

Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle: Kelly’s Interview with Hamza Khan

Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle: Kelly’s Interview with Hamza Khan

May 20, 2019

The Millennial Minimalists share Kelly’s guest appearance on the Ideas Into Action Podcast, hosted by Hamza Khan, a multi-award-winning marketer, dynamic keynote speaker, and accomplished serial entrepreneur.

Kelly shares her story as a minimalist adopter and delivers actionable advice on how to eliminate clutter and boost productivity.

Together Kelly and Hamza talk about the minimalism lifestyle movement, the importance of creating communities, and removing distractions when it comes to our time, energy and attention.

Learn more about Hamza Khan and the Ideas Into Action podcast below:

Hamza Khan

Ideas Into Action Podcast

Minimalism Challenges & Solutions

Minimalism Challenges & Solutions

May 11, 2019

Kelly and Lauren reflect on their minimalist journeys and share an honest conversation about the challenges they have experienced while working to master this lifestyle.

That being said, they believe that the life-changing benefits of living like a minimalist have been worth every obstacle.

By sharing their honest reflections, Kelly and Lauren hope to inspire you to adopt or continue to adopt this lifestyle knowing that there will be challenges and it’s OKAY.

Greg McKeown's Book, Essentialism

Laura Vanderkam's Book, 168 Hours

Mental Minimalism with Marc Champagne

Mental Minimalism with Marc Champagne

May 2, 2019

When you think of your mind as a room, do you see a cluttered space? In this episode, you will learn how to create the mental space to sharpen your mind.  

Kelly and Lauren are joined by Marc Champagne, the co-founder of the private journal and reflection app, KYŌ, to discuss proven mental fitness practices that will help you reflect and recharge your mind.

The KYŌ app is a platform for you to track your daily reflections and get access to powerful mental fitness lessons that shape the lives of inspiring figures around the globe.

Be prepared to declutter your mind and start integrating proven practices into your every day for improved mental health.


KYŌ Conversations

Connect with Marc

How to Be Happy Every Day with Jacqueline Way

How to Be Happy Every Day with Jacqueline Way

April 22, 2019

Learn how to be happy every day by making room for purposes bigger than yourself. 

Kelly and Lauren are joined by Jaqueline Way, notable TEDx speaker and Founder and CEO of 365 Give – a global challenge that empowers people to create positive change through daily giving.

Jaqueline says that one of the best ways you can make yourself happy is to make other people happy.

Jaqueline is credited for her TEDx Talk (2017), How to be happy every day: It will change the world, which has over 3 million views. Jacqueline says, "when we give our endorphins kick in and we receive a helpers high.”

The secret is out! Start giving back to guarantee a feeling of happiness every, single, day. 


365 Give Challenge

Tedx Talk ( >3 Million Views)

Connect with Jaqueline Way