Millennial Minimalists

Minimalism Crash Course

May 8, 2020

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Get ready for a 4-part crash course in minimalism. If you are considering adopting a minimalist lifestyle or if you are seeking tips on how to maintain a simple lifestyle, this episode is for you! Kelly (the minimalist adopter) and Lauren (the natural minimalist) review the 4 main types of clutter (physical, mental, digital, emotional) and provide tips on how to let go and build simple living habits. Be inspired to master the art of designing a simple and intentional life.

Notable Mentions

The Minimal Mom’s 5 tips for decluttering during isolation.

Lavendaire’s Self-care Ideas for COVID-19 Quarantine

Pick Up Limes’ Healthy Morning Habits

Matt D’Avella’s New Morning Routine (Parody)

Project333 Challenge

10 by 10 Style Challenge


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